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Permanent Heavy Duty Cable Protector
Permanent Heavy Duty Cable Protector
Permanent Heavy Duty Cable Protector

Permanent Heavy Duty Cable Protector

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Product Summary
  • This product can be used as a cable protector and speed ramp
  • Suitable for external use i.e outdoor events and construction sites
  • Moulded sections can interlink to form a continuous ramped cable protector
  • The linked sections usually do not require ground fixings 
  • Bolt holes are provided for permanent installation
  • The hinged lid allows for easy insertion of cables
  • 3 generous cable channels each measuring 55H x 65Wmmm
  • Each section measures 1000 x 600mm 
  • Robust design for heavy goods and loads
  • Traffic tested with axle loads of up to 6000kg
  • Product weigh - 29kg
  • Not suitable for fork trucks and heavy point vehicles
Code: HDCP1 Description: Sold in singles Dimensions (mm): 75(H) x 980(W) x 600(D) Price: £63.65excl. vat: Price 2-5 £61.98 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the permanent heavy duty cable protector?

The permanent heavy duty cable protector not only provides protection for any cable, hose or wire against damage, it also acts as a speed ramp to help slow vehicles down in a busy, pedestrian area. This product is easy to install and use, without any hassle. To insert to cables, you simply lift the hinged lid and place them into one of the three 55H x 65W mm channels. The cable protector is made from heavy duty rubber and has been traffic tested with loads of up to 6000kg. The sections measure 1000 x 600 mm and each section can be interlinked with another, the connected sections will not require any ground fixtures, although it is recommended for the end sections. 

Where can this product be used?

This product can be used for any outdoor events such as music events, exhibitions, festivals and building or construction sites. This cable protector is spefically made for external, heavy duty used, it can withstand loads of 6000kg which is perfect for vans, small lorries and cars. However, it is not suitable for fork trucks or have vehicles with heavy point loads. Each cable channel can fit lighting, sound and display cables as well as any size hose or wire that may need to be protected against wear or damage. The cable protector is slightly raised above the ground and cna be used as a small speed ramp.

Who might use this product?

Construction workers, event organisers and anyone else who needs a versatile product for a great price. Because it can be used as a speed ramp as well as a cable protector, it is an excellent product for any outdoor event. It is easy for the user to install and use. It can be used as a temporary or permanent fixture on any type of surface and the bolt holes are already provided. 

Specifications of the permanent heavy duty cable protector

Each section measures 1000 x 600mm and the 3 cable channels measure 55H x 65W mm. It has been designed for heavy goods and vehicles weighing up to 6000kg. Colour black and yellow and weighs 29kg.